Salt Spreaders

Valley Fab and Equipment works closely with a variety of distributors, such as AirFlo and Loughberry to supply our clients with the best solutions for their equipment needs. Listed below are some of our best-selling salt spreaders. Please contact us or visit our showroom for further information about all of the winter equipment solutions we have to offer.

Best Seller: Loughberry - Highlander Junior

highlanderHighlander Junior material spreaders, manufactured by Loughberry Mfg. Corp., are quality engineered and built to handle deicing and snow control materials for driveways, roads, and parking lots. This model is available with either gas or hydraulic power units to fit a variety of truck sizes and features an efficient spread pattern, saving time and money. The Highlander Junior comes in 5 models, as outlined below.

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 Model HL-JR-6 HL-JR-7 HL-JR-8 HL-JR-9 HL-JR-10
Hopper Length 72" 80" 92" 108" 120"
Hopper Height 35" 35"




Overall Length 96" 104" 116" 132" 148"
Capacity (Cubic Yards Level) .92 1.5 1.86 2.35 2.7
Capacity with Optional 6" Hopper Extensions 1.42 2.0 2.46 3.0 3.45

Weight with Screens (opt) and GECEL

820lb 880lb 940lb 1,050lb 1,110lb

Hopper Construction

14 GA 14 GA 14 GA 14 GA  14 GA 

Number of Hopper Side Supports (per side)

3 3 3 4 4

Chevron Conveyor Chain - 15" Wide

Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard

Conveyor Bridge

Optional Optional Optional Standard Standard

Top Screen(s)  (opt)

1 Flat 1 Flat 1 Flat 2 Flat 2 Flat

Single Center Lift Point

Optional Optional Optional NA NA

Other sizes and dimensions are available upon request. Note: to figure the load any model will carry, use these approximate material weights:
1 cubic yard dry salt: 2200lbs & 1 cubic yard wet sand: 3300 lbs.


Other Popular Products

harderHarder Dump Box Spreaders

Use your conventional dump box for winter ice control.

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highlander-tarco-spreaderHighlander Spreader

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tarco-saltandpepperTarco Salt and Pepper

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